The Forget Me Not Trust


How To Help

Please supply the Trust with old clothes, shoes, blankets and any food or furniture we can either pass on, or cook for the needy we help.


Make a Donation

Contact us to make a donation to the Forget Me Not Trust.


Make a Change

With The Forget Me Not Trust you can really make a difference as 100% of donations go directly to those in need.


Sey Hello

Come to our stands in Manchester, London or Peterborough and say hello! Read below for more details of where we distribute your donations to those in need.

The Forget Me Not Trust

Regular people giving back to the community.

Homeless Help

Hot Food, Hot Drinks, Fresh Clothes, Bedding we need it all to help the homeless


Contact us to join us on our mission to make the vulnerable, homeless feel they are not alone.

Feeding the Homeless

We got to various places in the UK, mainly London, Manchester and Peterborough and make sure the homeless get a warm meal and drink inside them for the evening.

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Clothing the homeless

We supply warm clothes for those who have to sleep on the streets, in shop doorways or under motorway bridges, this helps them survive the winter.

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Essential Support for the Homeless

The homeless are our most vulnerable members of society, we as The Forget Me Not Trust, make sure their basic essential needs such as food, hot drinks, clothing and bedding are provided.

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We URGENTLY need clothes, bedding and any simple camping furniture. Please contact us we'll come and collect from you

Essential Support for the Homeless

Share out story far and wide and get others to help by either donating or helping out.

Essential Support for the Homeless


  • The Trust in London

We distribute hot food and drinks and warm clothes and crisis packs to those in the most need in areas like Lincoln Inns Fields in City of Westminster, West End of London, Aldwich and Arundel Street.

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  • Giving in Manchester

The Forget Me Not Trust, goes to Manchester you can find us donating in or around homeless villages like the ones on Oxford Road, Mancunian Way, Ardwick. Supplying Crisis Bags and Hot Meals Our team distribute crisis bags and hot meals for the homeless.

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  • Our Work in Peterborough

At the car park of rear of Brewery Tap in Peterborough you will find our volunteers who are distributing hot food and drinks with crisis packs.

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